July 12, 2013
I will wait

This song has been in my head for days. It won't leave. I don't want it to. Being that I have been obsessively listening to it for days it struck a chord (no pun intended) with me yesterday, July 11 - the 18th anniversary of the Srebrenica massacres. It is always a sad day here […]

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July 5, 2013
No beginning and no end

Usually when the father of the bride addresses both families at a wedding he speaks of his love for his daughter, how pleased he is to welcome the grooms side into the family, and (whether he believes it or not) that his son-in-law is a great man that truly loves his baby girl. Not my […]

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May 27, 2013

My Dad enlisted in the Marines just after he finished college in 1968. I was born on the base where he was stationed in Cherry Point, North Carolina (it's definitely one of the reasons I'm a Tarheel fan as well). As a kid I loved to rummage through his old chest and try on his […]

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May 24, 2013
No satisfaction

Speaking of Kosovo.... It was the summer of 1999 (now I have Bryan Adams 'Summer of '69 song in my head). I had been shuttling around Albania between refugee camps. By far the worst situation was in the border town of Kukes. So most of my energy was utilized there. Refugee camps were well established. […]

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May 19, 2013
Poison mushrooms

For a continent that has produced the likes of U2, the Beatles, Gainsbourg, Pavarotti, Goran Bregovic and ABBA, I am stunned, year in and year out, at the old continents enthusiasm for the Eurosong 'contest.' And yes, I'm well aware that ABBA won Eurovision before I was even in kindergarten. So what?! Even though there […]

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April 30, 2013

Please excuse my absence. The weather has been so nice that I found it much more rewarding to enjoy the silence of the great outdoors. I've been spending a lot of time up at our land...dreaming of what it will be like to one day live there. So it goes. What compels me to write […]

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April 11, 2013
I second that emotion

I go about my daily business lately with just one slight adjustment to my routine. Ok, I'm lying, I don't really have a routine. But I do make that one adjustment. I click, about every half our, to the BBC website to see if a war on the Korean peninsula has started-  as if that […]

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April 9, 2013
Sad times indeed

The period around April 6th is usually a nice one for me. We celebrate our city in what I find to be a  very dignified and modest way. Manchester City football star Edin Dzeko and the SOS orphanage shared the 6th of April award given out by the City of Sarajevo each year for the […]

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March 29, 2013
Kusturica goes Hollywood

The Serbian filmmaker Emir Kusturica plans to make a film about Serbs from Kosovo being murdered in order to sell their organs during the war in 1999. A motivating factor, he claims, is to undue the negative image of the Serbs. When I want to shed positive light on something, I definitely don't need to […]

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March 27, 2013
feijoada brasileira

Israel has apologized to Turkey. Turkey accepted. Kenya's supreme court has, so far, been successful in peacefully addressing the contested presidential elections - the same one that saw over 1,000 people killed last time there was an election dispute. Pope Francis is actually behaving like Francis of Assisi. Well, sort of. America is confronting equality […]

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