Cejf, pronounced 'chafe', luckily does not share the same meaning in English. Cejf is not really a translatable word. It epitomizes the essentials in life but not as most people would put it. Cejf, I guess, can sort of mean 'vice.' Drinking or cigarette smoking (or collecting guns for that matter) can be a cejf. They are the things that make life worth living. It's the little things that give one pleasure and that make Bosnians grumpy if it is taken away from them. Nemoj me pokvariti cejf literally means 'don't break my vice.' They often entail long coffee's and chats coupled with incessant smoking. But it could also be a long session of eating and drinking with friends. Bosnians can be narcissists when it comes to these things. They love to enjoy life.

My definition has a slightly American slant to it. My cejf's are traveling, learning about people and their cultures, reading a good book, or hiking up a mountain side. That's not to say I don't enjoy good food and drink. And like I said, I've gone local a bit. So cejf-ing will be all that - stories and recommendations on how to overindulge yourself in Bosnia...or wherever for that matter.

The Bosnia Guy