I admit it. I'm a pagan. I worship this unbelievably beautiful Pacha Mama or ours. I'm a tree-hugger. It inspires me. Comforts me. Guides me. It has shown me the values of 'live and let live', She is an exemplary model of harmony for me. But on a really practical level - it is our livelihood. 'It' is 'us.' And so I treat it so. The same respect I have for my fellow man and the communities I work in I show for the environment as well. It is the abc's of common sense if you ask me. In our increasingly overburdened planet, the need for true environmental stewardship should not and cannot be understated. Sustainability to me means investment, time, and mindfulness. If we are patient and smart, we can spend money more wisely, save in the long run and have some resemblance of the beauty we enjoy today to leave to our children and grandchildren. More on my environmental activities soon.

The Bosnia Guy