These side bars to the right are a synopsis of what I've done over the years. I have the tendency to get bored with what I'm doing 'in life' or in some cases just lose the fire. If there ain't no fire I don't see the purpose in doing it. These cycles seem to last around 4 years. So in my time I have, to say the least, worn many hats. In small talk people always ask 'so what do you do?'...which is usually followed by a long, silent pause. I stutter. I grin. I ponder. It confuses people. Shit, I'm confused myself.

I've been a volunteer in a war zone helping women and children. I worked in hospitals. I evacuated wounded children. I drove convoys of food and medicine over many mountains to refugee camps. I delivered diagnostic laboratory equipment to remote medical clinics. I played football with kids. Taught them English. They taught me Bosnian. I was a mountain guide. A travel writer. I started my own eco-tourism business. I was/am a consultant for sustainable development for the likes of the United Nations, WWF, UNESCO and the European Union to name a few. I am a tree-hugger. At least that's what they tell me. I was an editor. I am a father. Husband. I am a man of many hats. Depending on my mood. Today? I'm a blogger.

The Bosnia Guy