I started studying Hospitality Management at university. I quickly changed my major to English though, in an attempt to 'follow my heart.' The thing is, I've always loved the dynamics of tourism and hospitality. Meeting new people. Seeing new places. Enhancing someone's experience. Or even ones own. I enjoy 'serving', so being a valet, bellboy, or waiter was always enjoyable to me. When I gave up on the last of my Balkan wars (Kosova conflict,1999) I came back to Sarajevo, took a year off, hiked and 4-wheeled the country top to bottom, and knew what I had to do next. By the summer of 2000 I and a group of friends decided it was time to show the brighter side of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We opened the country's first social business dedicated to eco-tourism, community development and environmental protection called Green Visions ( Our work with mountain communities, the precious traditions and knowledge they still preserved, coupled with their struggle for survival influenced me in more ways than one. It was both humbling and inspirational and has become the trademark of my approach to tourism development. Sustainability and resilience can only be achieved with community and earth in mind. If we do that right, the rest will come much easier. A list of my posts is coming soon.

The Bosnia Guy