My wife Sabina calls her mother every day and they share pretty much every detail of their day with each other. I find that exceptionally strange. Not the deed itself, but the need or capacity to share things so openly and frequently. It's a handicap of mine, I admit. But I find refuge in writing, as imperfect as it may be. Most people in my family are rather guarded. The walls can be high at times. I am no exception. But if I look at Sabina and then back at's really a no-brainer. Communication, open and honest communication, can solve a lot of things even if they're just in our own heads and hearts.

So this will be my surrogate phone call to mom. It may be, I suspect, nothing special. But what it will be is honest.
photo by Sabina Cudic

December 20, 2012
By the way

Hi, my name is Tim Clancy.

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