Bosnia. hmmmm....what to say. Beautiful. Hard-core. Ridiculous. Hard. Soft. Friendly. Ancient. Rich. Poor. Pathetic. Inspirational. Corrupt. Traditional. Nationalist. Socialist. Slow. Mountains. Water. Forests. Politics. Meat. Cigarettes. Wild flowers. Best coffee in the world. It's love and hate. Good and evil. It's a land of contrast. A land that I love. Don't ask me why.
photo by Jim Marshall

February 23, 2016
To police or not to police

I come from a family that has always prided itself in community service. It seems to be part of our DNA.  Whether it be education, medicine, or other safety services…that would pretty much describe our extended clan. My uncle was a fireman and policeman for 45 years. My cousins, his son and daughter, were also […]

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December 20, 2012
Bosnia and Herzegovina

by Jim Marshal It's a long name, I know. Geographically speaking, Bosnia is the larger, northern alpine region of the country whilst Herzegovina is the smaller, sunnier, southern region.

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